Langt kashmir skjørt hvit med glitter

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Strikket i 12 gauge (maskevidde), 2 ply og hardtspunnet garn.

100 % Mongolsk kashmir.

Modellen er 173 høy og bruker M.

Our Mongolian cashmere

We at Cashmere House handpick our cashmere wool from specific areas in Mongolia, and only work with specially selected factories in Mongolia - with which we have worked for over 20 years and quality-assure several times a year.

Mongolian cashmere has a fiber length of 36-42
etc. Chinese cashmere is on average 25% shorter (28-32 mm), and is thinner than Mongolian cashmere.

The cashmere fibers in China are graded from A to F, where A is the best cashmere. Mongolian cashmere is rated higher than Chinese cashmere, and is shown with grades A+ and A++.

Cashmere and maintenance

A cashmere garment from Cashmere House must be washed regularly after use and dried lying down at room temperature. Do not use more than 600 revolutions in the centrifuge.

When washing cashmere garments, we recommend that you use a laundry bag and Milo, or another recommended detergent for cashmere.

See other washing instructions in the garment.

Cashmere garments that are knitted should be washed at 30 degrees. If the garment is washed in water that is too hot or too cold, the fibers may be damaged or felted.

ATTENTION: Woven cashmere garments should not be washed, but cleaned!

Removal of nubs must be done either by using a nub comb or removed with the fingers.

Shipping, delivery and exchange

The applicable rules for returns after online purchases. There is a 30-day open purchase period according to the Swedish Purchase Act. In order to get an approved return in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Act, the following applies:

1) The garment must be neatly packed in its original packaging

2) Labels must not be removed from the garment

3) If the garment has taken on an odor, become dirty or damaged, the garment will not be accepted as a return!